Disney Cruise 103: for those who worry about claustrophobia


Disney Fantasy is exactly same size as Disney Dream and bigger than Disney Magic or Wonder. Its size is 1,120 X 138 ft (340 X 42 meter) that makes 154,560 SF (14,280 Square Meter).

This big ship can hold 4,000 passengers in 1,250 staterooms. I know what you feel and worry about – so many people in limited space (although it is huge), claustrophobia! However, it is irrelevant to worry about claustrophobia in Disney Cruise ships. Its staterooms are larger than other cruise ships’ cabins. Since Disney Cruise always pursues family-friendly, the staterooms can hold 3-5 people in each.

This cabin is for 5 people family

If you reserve (well, you must 🙂 a room for 5 people of your family, it will be looking like the above picture. it is 300 SF, smaller than a usual hotel room, but bigger than other cruise ship’s cabin. During day time the room is arranged as above. Then, every evening the room server sets the beds (of course, in the morning they make it back to the day mode).

Queen bed for parents, Murphy bed, sofa bed, and bunk bad for children

There are plenty of storage space including closets, chest table, under the bed, and more. Also, the stateroom has separate bathrooms. One is with bathtub and a sink, the other has toilet and a sink. So, you don’t have to wait until the bathroom become quiet for your own time 🙂

Split bathroom

If you want to breathe fresh air, you can go out to the verandah. Majority of verandah rooms have this size open space with two lounge chairs and a table.

Enough for two people to enjoy room-serviced food and drink

There are some exceptionally big verandah rooms. My family stayed there in our first DCL trip. It was located at the very back of the ship. With the white walls, it is categorized “Obstructed View” and its price was even cheaper than regular verandah room. We were lucky to book the room.

Obstructed View verandah has 2 beach beds in addition to 2 chairs and a table.

Most of all, you will not spend your time in the stateroom unless you need to take a nap or night sleep. Outside your stateroom, you will be busy to enjoy the activities. There are open-air spaces and big windows around the ship.

Deck 4 is open to sea
One round of Deck 4 makes a quarter mile jogging course
Any time anybody can enjoy the open-air space

Inside the ship you can see through the windows and won’t feel confined.

Restaurants, bars, and activity rooms have windows as well. However, There are some space that does not have windows – theaters. Because they are large enough, I bet you won’t feel claustrophobic.

Buena Vista theater holds 400 people.
Walt Disney theater capacity is bigger than the theater of our town: 1340 people can sit
B&B theater on South Main has 12 screens and holds 1037 people total. So, the Walt Disney theater is bigger than the entire B&B theater.

Here are more open-air space for your reference:

Well, this is not open to “air” but you can run on treadmill looking the ocean.
Pool deck is completely open to sky. If you don’t like this too big space…
Grownups only pool area will be good for you 🙂
Buffet restaurant has wide windows. Enjoy the view while eating.
Outdoor seats are available as well.
You can breathe fresh air as much as you want to.

I found out this YouTube video for your watching: https://youtu.be/M6MGOWkLyxU –> Disney Fantasy Ship Tour

Enjoy it!

May 16, 2022

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