Dear students


1. Many of you told me that you had studied really hard and went over all  example problems and homeworks thoroughly.
But, I haven’t seen many who said, ‘I haven’t studied much for this test and I should have done better.’

I was so surprised that not many students answered correctly for Question #20. : removal of centripetal force.

How, on the world, the students who got this question wrong can claim that they have studied hard?
Someone who didn’t listen to me several hours before the test?
How they can claim that they have read my lecture notes? The answer was clearly written in my lecture slide.

Studying does not mean ‘reading’ or scanning a book.
You read a material and don’t remember what’s in it. Then, you shouldn’t say you studied.
Studying means that you make those knowledge yours.

2. When you do the problems, please try to do it by yourself without looking at the solution.
After class, when you study, try to solve the example problem on your own. Try to check if there is any mistake that I made.
If you can do it without looking at the solution, that means you know how to do it.
If you have to see the solution, then look at the solution and ask yourself about what you didn’t do or did wrongly.
With example problems mastered, try to do the homework.

When you study for the test, you would do the same thing.
Try to do problems from example, homework again by blocking the solution, only looking at the problems.
If you can do them without using any guidance, that means you know how to do.

3. As I said in the beginning of the semester, out of 4 test the lowest scored one counts least. You still have a chance to get it back. Your homework counts 15%, lab 15%, attendance and quiz 10%. This test counts 17% or 9%. (See the syllabus if you don’t understand)
And I’m going to give an extra credit test which counts 5% extra, purely extra.You will get up to 5% if you did well in that extra credit test. I may occasionally give a extra credit quiz during the class. This is eligible for those who come to the class.

4. If you care about learning and about the grade, you should try your best first. You should help yourself first before others try to help.
If you don’t help yourself and ask for a good grade, there is nothing I can do.

I’ve seen a lot students who don’t bother to come or in the class but doing games, surfing the internet or sleeping.
It is well likely that many will simply delete this e-mail without bothering to read.
But, for those who care about learning, I’m sending this e-mail.

It’s been a long mail, thank you for reading.

Dr. Kim

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