Disney Cruise 101 (for Nichole)


Hi Nichole,

I have decided to post my Disney Cruise pictures with English comments for you 🙂 I hope this posting helps you to determine your next year family vacation – hopefully joining us.

Our 1st Disney Cruise in December 2016 (4 nights from Ft. Canaveral to Bahama)
Second Disney Cruise in July 2018 from Vancouver to Alaska 7 nights
Third one from Ft. Canaveral to Western Caribbean 7 nights

As you heard from me, we are going to go the 4th Disney Cruise trip in summer 2023 from Ft. Canaveral to Eastern Caribbean for 7 nights. Yes, I am addicted to Disney Cruise vacation trip 🙂 Here are why I am falling in love with it.

  1. While parents take a peaceful break, children have fun
No long waiting line for picture taking with characters
They are coming to you
Several pools and hot tubs, some for family, one for teen agers, one for exclusively grownups (18+)
Several kid clubs for all age (infants thru teen agers)
Kids fun activities – detective play around the ship
One of so many kids activities – characters sketch session
Foozball on the top deck
Mini golf on the top deck
Water slide goes around the entire ship
Can you imagine what the view is like?
Most recent Disney/Marvel movies are played in the theaters.
Popcorn is the only extra charge. All of the above except popcorn are included what you initially paid for.

Because there are so many activities going on, my family realized that 4 nights are too short. During the 7 nights, I bet you can do different things everyday no repeating. Disney Cruise seems pricier than other cruise lines, but so many activities and services are included. While children have fun with no extra cost, parents can enjoy pure relaxing time – either join the happy kids or by yourself in grownups lounge, grownups pool, etc.

2. So clean and meticulously maintained facilities

Soomin is entering our stateroom. The two doors behind her are separate bathrooms for family – one has a bathtub and sink and the other has a toilet and a sink.
This room was for 4 people – a queen bed, a bunk bed, and a sofa bed underneath. There are rooms that have a Murphy bed in addition to this set.
Just a corner of the hallway was this much pretty
Every single corner of the big ship is always clean and looking gorgeous
Yangsoo and Youngmin do not much like being dressed up, but we did it just for fun and for photo taking.
Not only for the hall, but bathrooms, theaters, elevators, your own staterooms, and literally everywhere is well maintained
Ceiling of a dinning hall. Let me tell you more about the dining and food in the next posting 🙂

Well, I wrote only 2 reasons why I love Disney Cruise. There are so many more. In the next posting, let me show you the foods and tell you their rotation dining system. Also, I will tell you about Castaway Cay.

April 22, 2022

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