Disney Cruise 102: Food and Dining options


Five ships of Disney Cruise Line (DCL) have some same restaurants and some different ones. My family experienced three ships and the quality was the same good regardless which restaurant you go.

Enchanted Garden was in all of the DCL ships (indeed, I am not sure about the 5th one because it is too new)
Menu changes each day
According to the restaurant’s theme, menu, plates, utensils, and servers’ outfit are different

DCL’s unique dining service is “rotational dining” system. https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/faq/dining-food-beverages/rotational-dining/ Your dinner restaurants are already scheduled. So, each night you will go to the designated restaurant for dinner, but the servers are following you. They will remember your food preferences, food allergies, etc.

Since they cut the steak for your child, mommy doesn’t need to assist her kids at all
The servers also remember your kids’ favorite drinks

My family enjoyed full course dinner every evening. For breakfast and lunch you can eat at Cabana (buffet restaurant) or one of the dinner restaurants. Room service is also available with no extra charge. Some people prefer the restaurant style – pick a dish from the menu and servers bring it to you. However, my family loved buffet because you can try various kinds. We had a brunch at the restaurant only once for the character event. While you are eating, Disney characters are dropping by your table. No need for waiting in a line to take pictures with them.

Disney character breakfast needs a reservation but no extra charge
Mickey waffle 🙂

I heard that other cruise ships than DCL also have good food. However, I still love DCL the most. As I mentioned previous and this postings, many services are already included in your initial payment. Some cruise ships even charge for tap water. In DCL, soda, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and water is available for 24 hours with no extra cost. If I have to count my money every time my kids drink water, it will make me feel miserable, I bet.

Beverage stand is open for 24 hours a day

Another good thing is that there is no unlimited alcohol package that is very common in other cruise ships. (No casino as well) You can order and drink alcohol beverage if you want to, but there is rare chance to see uncontrollable drunken people or to smell nasty hangover. It is very family-friendly!

Hot chocolate after swimming in December can’t be wrong
Variety of tea

On the top deck, there are pools and other outdoor fun activities such as mini golf. While being there if you feel hungry, there are several choices: sandwich, pizza, French fries, fruits, ice cream (at least 4 different flavors), and drinks. You can bring them to your stateroom if you want to. We brought empty bottles and traveler’s mug and enjoyed the drinks in our room.

Snack stand opens day time – of course, no extra charge 🙂
Snack and beverage stands are next to the pool
Free ice cream stand is also next to the pool area and opens during day time

All of the above food options are included in what you initially paid for. Since they were good enough for my family, we did not try extra. Followings are additional options that charges extra cost.

Gelato, specialty coffee, and other treats are sold in Vanellope’s shop
Fine dining option, Palo
Another fine dining, Remy

Palo and Remy restaurants are high-end fine dining. You will pay extra and have dinner or brunch here. They are exclusively for grownups (18+) and formal dress code is mandatory. If your family choose to eat here, your children can eat by themselves in the designated restaurant or in the kids club while parents are gone. I read many reviews that these restaurants are so good, but I am not interested in them because rotational dining restaurants were good enough, family dinner is much better than grownup only eating, and Yangsoo does not like formal dress code 🙂

Here are rotational dining menus and pictures that I took. Sorry for Korean description 🙂

Bread, soup, and salad https://www.apiacere.net/2016/12/28/디즈니-크루즈-여행-후기-03-음식-음료와-숩-앤-샐러드/

Appetizer and main dishes https://www.apiacere.net/2016/12/29/디즈니-크루즈-여행-후기-04-음식-전채요리와-메인-요/

Desserts and snacks https://www.apiacere.net/2016/12/29/디즈니-크루즈-여행-후기-05-음식-디저트와-과자/

Disney Wonder (Alaska cruise) day 1 meals https://www.apiacere.net/2018/07/30/디즈니-원더-알래스카-크루즈-첫-날의-음식/

Disney Wonder day 2 breakfast and lunch https://www.apiacere.net/2018/07/30/디즈니-원더-둘째-날의-아침과-점심/

Disney Wonder day 2 dinner https://www.apiacere.net/2018/08/08/디즈니-원더-둘째-날-저녁-티아나스-플레이스/

Disney Wonder day 3 lunch and dinner https://www.apiacere.net/2018/08/08/디즈니-원더-셋째-날의-점심과-저녁-겨울왕국의-테마/

Disney Wonder day 4 meals https://www.apiacere.net/2018/08/10/디즈니-원더-넷째-날의-식사/

Disney Wonder day 5 lunch and dinner https://www.apiacere.net/2018/08/10/디즈니-원더-다섯째-날의-점심과-저녁/

Disney Wonder day 5 desserts https://www.apiacere.net/2018/08/12/디즈니-원더-다섯째-날의-저녁-식사-디저트와-마무리/

Disney Wonder day 6 breakfast and lunch https://www.apiacere.net/2018/08/12/디즈니-원더-여섯-째-날-아침과-점심/

Disney Wonder day 6 dinner https://www.apiacere.net/2018/08/13/디즈니-원더-여섯째-날의-저녁식사-랍스터-및-추추가/

Disney Wonder day 7 dinner and animation show https://www.apiacere.net/2018/08/15/디즈니-원더-마지막-날의-저녁-식사-애니메이션-쇼와/

April 25, 2022

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